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Mission, Vision, Statement Of Belief

Our Mission

Rocky Mountain College is a learning community of Christians committed to developing students who will be effective agents of spiritual, moral and social transformation everywhere for the glory of God.

We Celebrate

  • The Bible and theology as the centre-point for ordering our lives.
  • A grace-oriented ethos; God is a God of second chances.
  • A school that is multi-denominational in texture.
  • Character transformation; who you are is treasured above what you do.

We Honour

  • Critical thinking as a tool for Christian growth.
  • The global nature of God’s heart.
  • Leadership development that connects the classroom to ministry experience.

Statement of Belief

Rocky Mountain College is positioned within the historic mainstream evangelical community, as represented by this Doctrinal Statement.

The Godhead: There is one God, eternally existent and equal in three persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ came incarnate, was born of a virgin, and was resurrected bodily from the dead.

The Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit convicts and reproves the world of sin, sanctifies and indwells the believer, instills the believer with stability and power, and leads into all truth.

Scripture: Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, is, in the original manuscripts, divinely inspired, infallible, and the supremely authoritative Word of God.

Salvation: Salvation is the work of Jesus Christ whereby, following the response of our faith and repentance, we are forgiven and experience newness of life in Christ Jesus, receive the Spirit of adoption and are made heirs of the Kingdom of God.

Sanctification: Sanctification is the empowering by God of the believer, through the Holy Spirit who indwells and fills, to live a life of continuing growth in righteousness and holiness. The sanctified life is expressed through love out of a pure heart and obedience to the Word of God.

Church: The church is the Body of Christ which emerged at Pentecost and is composed of believers who enter that body through conversion. The local church is a manifestation of the universal church organized for fellowship, instruction, prayer, and witnessing.

Second Coming: Jesus Christ will return imminently in glory and power to call the church to Himself and establish His kingdom forever.

The Future: The future will include the resurrection of the dead, the future general judgment, and an eternal state in which the righteous experience eternal life and the wicked, endless punishment.

We want to share with you our excitement for a new way of learning at Rocky Mountain College.

Pathways is our new “distributed learning” model. It is taking our classroom courses out of the box, and down the road to where you are.

With our focus on discipleship, leadership and social care, Pathways now enables students, professionals, and life-long learners, to take advantage of our programs and courses no matter where they are.

Courses are available to Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Often times God speaks to us and we yearn for a richer life. But obstacles appear.

Pathways is about removing obstacles and allowing access to quality learning experiences. We foster changed lives both locally and globally.

It is our hope that we can show you a new pathway to learning, ministry and a richer, more meaningful life. Thank you for exploring RMC’s Pathways program.

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