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Pathways - Powered by Rocky Mountain College

Rocky Mountain College has undergone a transformation while remaining true to its heritage.

Over the years, other Christian colleges have come and gone.  Rocky Mountain College has adapted to the realities of a booming city and the presence of other institutions serving the Christian market.  It has also recognized the potential for taking Christian education and Biblical training "outside the box" to extend the reach and impact of the College.

In 2010, the Board of Rocky Mountain College saw and pursued the opportunity to take Rocky Mountain College to a new place with a new model.  That new place and model is "Pathways: Powered by Rocky Mountain College" which was officially launched at the beginning of 2015.  Based on a "distributed learning model", Pathways enables the College to provide academic courses and training online to students anywhere in the world.

Kerry Belt, President of RMC says,  "We started with a question, 'what if we could take education to people where they are at, instead of expecting them to come to us?' RMC has always had discipleship and leadership as its genetics. Pathways is another step in pursuing that passion. We believe leaders are best developed as they practice leadership. Pathways takes that idea to a new level." Pathways' motto is, "Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime."

Multi-denominational and Partnerships

Classes are delivered in several ways, for individuals online or in small classroom settings, through partnerships, or in clusters within a local church community.  Several churches and organizations across Western Canada have entered into a partnership with Pathways enabling students in close proximity to take classes.  Camps across western Canada are also beginning to offer one-year-gap-programs that use Pathways.

Because Rocky Mountain College is multi-denominational, we can serve the needs of a variety of  churches and organizations.  In addition to arrangements with churches, we also have partnership agreements with over 20 organizations, to assist missions agencies, church denominations, camps and other Christian schools, with online courses.

Missions organizations that send people to serve overseas are able to have their missionaries, and the lay leaders they serve alongside, take biblical and theological training through Pathways.  This training can provide a foundation for their ministry work in locations where there are no other options for biblical and theological courses.  Pathways continues to pursue multiple options both in Canada and internationally.

Whereas the traditional Bible College model was based on a physical campus, Pathways sends the training to where our students are already in a ministry or vocational setting,  and they are seeking to further their education.  Pathways makes training possible for students who would otherwise be unable to take training, students who are already in ministry, who have families they cannot leave, or who live in remote areas.

The historic mandate of Rocky Mountain College has not changed.  We continue to focus on delivering high quality Christian and biblical leadership training to equip students for professional or lay ministry.  Pathways is enabling Rocky Mountain College to do that in a new way, to train many more leaders who are committed to building God's kingdom, wherever they serve.  Pathways is about investing and making current leaders better.

We want to share with you our excitement for a new way of learning at Rocky Mountain College.

Pathways is our new “distributed learning” model. It is taking our classroom courses out of the box, and down the road to where you are.

With our focus on discipleship, leadership and social care, Pathways now enables students, professionals, and life-long learners, to take advantage of our programs and courses no matter where they are.

Courses are available to Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Often times God speaks to us and we yearn for a richer life. But obstacles appear.

Pathways is about removing obstacles and allowing access to quality learning experiences. We foster changed lives both locally and globally.

It is our hope that we can show you a new pathway to learning, ministry and a richer, more meaningful life. Thank you for exploring RMC’s Pathways program.

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